My Life Principles –

  1. Be True to myself always. Or in other words, don’t bullshit myself.
  2. Work on a balanced life - 3Cs- Curiosity through reading books, Creativity through side projects, Calmness through meditation/religion.
  3. Don’t chase fame.
  4. What I do is perhaps the most important thing for me. Over money, people and everything.
  5. Few people in my life for whom I can do anything. Will not say no to them.
  6. Anything is doable if spent enough time on it.
  7. Distance myself from thosxe who don’t keep their words.
  8. Don’t debate.
  9. Won’t participate in activities if my absence wouldn’t make much of a difference.
  10. Be on time always.
  11. Don’t get addicted to anything.