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2019 reflections

This year has been quite eventful in my life - mainly due to Plaksha.

I closed my startup.

I graduated from college.

I met physically many big people whom I admire.

I lived with 10-20 amazing fellows, and in the process discovered myself.

I joined Global shapers, an amazing set of people.

I lived outside home for the first time.

I had full-track career changes 2 times(in mind).

Some people like Vikrant raina had a big impact on me.

Overall, it was quite an eventful year. I do fear that is should not be the most eventful. Given, I have to do a job after this, the life will get monotonous in a way. But then I can open the avenue of reading - and discovering another world.

Books Read -

What it takes: Taught me the importance of building skills in first job. And what it takes to raise money.

Shoe Dog: Beautiful book.


Man’s search for meaning

Thinking in Systems - Systems modelers say that we change paradigms by building a model of the system, which takes us outside the system and forces us to see it whole. Starting with the behavior of the system forces you to focus on facts, not theories.

Pablo - The drug dealer

In this year, I realized what a small game I have been playing in my startup, dealing with projects and hiccups which do not link to certain end as a whole nor have any connections among them. I don’t want to play the set of small games again. let others play it. I am lucky that I have got this realization early in my career. Period.

2020 resolution:

I have to improve myself as a person. The way I work. I have to become a fast executor.