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How to spend time in College

  1. Explore as much possible. Join as many student clubs in first year. Leave most of them by second year.

  2. Don’t worry about ranks. Being a president of a club surely looks good on your CV but comes at a great cost.

  3. Don’t go into organizing events. Many students want to because they want to potray themselves as important among their peers, but it adds little value to your professional development. I am assuming you devote this time to more productive activities like writing and interning.

  4. Talk to college alumni who are working in interesting companies. They would be more than happy to talk to you.

  5. Internships - Do as many as possible, right from first year. They are a great way to experience various roles and industries, and add credentials to your profile. If possible, try working remotely during semesters as well.

  6. Use Linkedin as much as you can. Just to see what career paths look like. You can start with students of reputed colleges like Harvard or ISB or IIT Bombay.

  7. Code. No matter what branch. At least learn python, and if possible learn to develop and deploy a simple website.

  8. If you have a set path/company in mind, very good. But it wouldn’t cost you much to question your assumption and try different roles. Some people have very rigid career paths, which are good but they miss out on so many opportunites.

  9. Travel. Opens your perspective. Try different geographies. You can take time during your semesters as well to travel - a week or a month. You should take a Goa trip during college.

  10. Read as many books possible. This can truly change you as a person. Email me for book recommendations.

  11. Academics/CGPA - Some people say that CGPA doesn’t matter. It depends on what you want to do. If you want to apply for graduate studies/MBA, CGPA is very important. If you want to do something meaningful, then CGPA doesn’t matter.

  12. If you are in India, don’t go to an Engineering college. Because most of the people want to study computer science but end up in branches like civil engineering, which is a true wastage of time. Instead go to Universities like Ashoka or Plaksha, where you are free to choose your subjects.

  13. Your friends/ the people you spend your time with have a big impact on your thinking. It’s better to be alone rather than spending time with losers.

  14. Be very time conscious. Don’t waste 4 years of your life.