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Internet Factories

In Internet economy and markets, the raw material of supply chain is content. Content can have different forms - text, images, videos.

Text - news, tweets, blogs.

Images - photos, memes

Videos - shows, movies etc.

Then there is data - which is generated by the consumption of the following format.

Now, these raw materials are first made into products. Then they get distributed. And then consumed.

Internet has made the distribution cost zero.

The Internet factories are the big giants, where workers work online. They earn(get paid) money and social capital. The products they produce get consumed instantly (distribution cost and time is zero).

The consumers don’t generally pay for the products. The factories pack their products with ads, and personalise it according to user DATA. Data is the usage and personality information of the user, which is used by factories to personalise products as well.

Now, every new technology puts many factory workers out of work, as it can do it the same work cheaper, better and faster. Coming AI. Will it put the workers out of work or replace the factories?