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Underutilized Humans

Uber and Airbnb are marketplaces that figured out how utilize an idle asset.

Airbnb turns spare bedroom into extra cash, Uber turns your car into extra income.

However, the most valuable asset in the world that’s underutilized isn’t cars or bedrooms—it’s people.

There are billions of people who’s talents are underutilized.

There are people with same IQ, same potential, getting paid 100x more because of where they live.

Many unicorns will be built off this “secret”.

Look at every job category in the US + ask “does it have to be here?”

  • Erik Torenberg

Coming from India, I can see how much students are wasting their time and intelligence, just because they do not have the right exposure.

Freelancing is broken. Remote Internships is broken. A Mturk for valuable skills is much needed.