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Why I Pivoted

Listened to the podcast of Avni Patel, who recently shut down her 3 and a half year startup ‘Poppy’. I would highly recommend to the folks who are skeptical of the market they are operating in. One point, she made which is almost the same reason why I am pivoting from Researchshala — my startup to help professors in their research projects.

“Poppy sent out to do and did the thing especially for thousands of parents and hundreds of different caregivers, it did exactly what it was supposed to do, and it did tremendously well. The fact that it doesn’t go on to scale and scale was what I was interested in. There was also an option to say that let’s just make it a nice high-end tech-enabled agency, I could have, 100% could have and turned it into a nice kind of side business or whatever, but that was not my mission, that was not my intent, and that still isn’t. What I want to do, go find the solution that works for the millions of people, and I was never 2 ways about that.”

Here is the link to the complete podcast —