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Study Hacks

  1. Parkinson’s law — Work expands in order to fill the time. So make a schedule for completing a task.
  2. Keep fun side projects alongside, so that when you are not in mood of working, you can engage with them, and then after an hour or so you can resume — as you feel productive. It’s much better than doing nothing or wasting time.
  3. 2-minute rule — When not in mood of studying, just say to yourself that you only have to study for 2 minutes or 1 page. You just have to put yourself in that environment. Most of the times we are just lazy enough to get started.
  4. Sometimes especially when learning new concepts, things become overwhelming. You realize you know nothing. The solution to this is giving yourself enough time. You have to give the concept atleast half an hour, and things will be in control.
  5. Drink RedBull. Hope it helps:)