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Plaksha Fellows - Tips before starting

In yesterday’s session, I could see confusion among some fellows on the year ahead at Plaksha. I jotted down some things which were helpful to me in my Plaksha journey, and might be useful to some of you.

  1. You didn’t extract the full value of Plaksha if you consider it just as a pathway to get a DS/PM job. It’s a great time to explore what all you can do in your life, and to develop yourself. I spent 4-5 months just exploring what I can do, explored 4 different roles (both tech and non-tech), and that has paid off immensely. If Plaksha can help you figure out what you want to do in your life, the one year is worth it.

  2. This is from Warikoo, but especially helpful at this stage: Optimize for one thing in your life at a time - brand, money, learning/work, team. You can’t get everything. Choose the one thing. Rachel’s course will help you do so.

  3. Don’t rant about the program. The program has some negatives, but the positives outweigh the negatives by huge margin. If there is a problem, communicate the “solution” to the program team, and it will be easily solved.

  4. Accept people as who they are, not what you want them to be. I should have learned it earlier.

  5. The aim of group projects is not getting grades or submitting the best, but working together with other fellows and forming relationships. I had the best conversations during group projects.

  6. Be specific and well-researched with your requests. People are more than happy to help if your request is specific and easy for them.

  7. Be vulnerable. Exposing your weakness will help you improve it. You are not here to compete among fellows, but to develop yourself. If you cut out the DS/PM part, this self-development aspect of Plaksha is extremely valuable.

  8. Be true to yourself. Read it again. This is simple yet very powerful.

Wish you an exciting one year of your life! It’s upto you to make it count.