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VC as career — The other side

I recently learned about micro VC funds and how they operate.

VC careers(I am talking about GPs) as may seem lucrative, are not easy. Raising capital for VCs is more difficult than for startups and the returns are not that great as compared to doing a startup(of course if it succeeds). Think of a VC Job only if -You like helping entrepreneurs succeed and make a FEW bucks along the way. Yes, the returns are limited.

Well there are other kind of VCs or Investors like Peter Thiel or Masayoshi Son who have big returns and can passively own companies — They started investing their own money — made good return, re-invested. How did they get the initial money? By selling their startups.

So the best job is not to be a VC — but an investor. Once you have a good money leverage, then ofcourse you can increase it by asking other people to invest alongside you.

Don’t be a like a broker in Stock Market.

To further read about journey of VCs, I highly recommend Elizabeth Yin’s blog.